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Looking for people to read the Bible with

There is a ten-year-old girl in a Cape Town school who does Discovery Bible Study at lunchtime with her friends. She's been making disciples since she was eight.

Celsus, a second-century Greek philosopher, alleged that Christianity was the faith of uneducated slaves, women and children. He complained it was spread from house to house “by wool workers, cobblers, laundry workers, and the most illiterate and bucolic yokels” who claimed that they alone knew the right way to live.

Movements mobilise everyone. They are spread by insiders. They are contagious. They employ simple but profound methods. They are fuelled by commitment and passion.

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is the key ingredient in multiplying movements. DBS is at the centre of evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and healthy church formation.

We're not talking about a tool or a program or model. We're talking about God's living Word. We're letting the Word do the work.

Whenever people gather to read the Scriptures and learn how to obey, God is powerfully present. In Acts, the Word spreads, grows, and multiplies, and wherever the Word goes, the fruit is multiplying disciples and churches.

The video above is a simple introduction to Discover Bible Study by our good friends at Beyond.

How do you get started? Ask someone. Say, "I'm looking to read the Bible with someone. Would you be interested?" Keep asking until you find someone who says yes.

125-Pioneering Movements in Prisons — Phil Alessi

What was a Dutchman doing in the Middle East speaking Arabic?

There are two types of people in the world — those who know Jesus, and those who don’t.

Share the good news with the latter, and train the former.

Ying Kai

I met Hank somewhere in the Middle East recently. I assumed he was an Arab with good English. I discovered he was Dutch with good English and Arabic.

Hank is a student of Middle Eastern studies working has way around the region, learning Arabic and learning culture.

In exchange for a bed and meals he was serving as a waiter in a hotel. I was impressed.

I soon found out he has a Catholic faith. 

He had to keep working and I was checking out, so I had just a few minutes to explain how he could start reading the (Injil) Gospels with Muslims who wanted to know more about Isa (Jesus).

The Quran commands Muslims to do just that.

So I explained the Discovery approach, outlined the passages to read and discuss, and emailed the questions.

I prayed for Hank and told him, if he gets started to send me an email and we can talk more.

The Father Glorified — $3.99 (US Kindle)

I’ve heard great things about this book. Nice to snap it up for $2.99.

Stories and principles from people around the world who are sparking disciple making movements.

"The Father Glorified: True Stories of God's Power Through Ordinary People" (Patrick Robertson, David Watson)

Tug-o-Methods: CPM (T4T) vs DMM (DBS)

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Well done if you saw the title of this post and decided to keep reading!

Let me translate:

CPM = Church Planting Movements

T4T = Training for Trainers

DMM = Disciple Making Movements

DBS = Discovery Bible Study

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. You’re not alone. For many DMM is just another way of talking about CPM. And T4T and DBS is just different methods of making disciples. You can even combine them.

But there are some important differences which Steve Smith unpacks in this helpful article.

I like Steve’s conclusion:

By the power of the SpIrIt, both [DBS and T4T] have born the fruIt of healthy CPMs [broadly defined]. The realIty Is that many CPM practItIoners blend elements from both.

*The bracketed comments are mine.

The best book to read on T4T:

"T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution: The Story Behind the World's Fastest Growing Church Planting Movement and How it Can Happen in Your Community!" (Steve Smith)

The best book to read on DMM:

"Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery" (David Watson, Paul Watson)

UPDATE: Don’t miss Chuck Huckaby’s contribution in the comments. 

073-From church to movement - Peter Snyman [podcast]

Peter Snyman
Peter Snyman

Peter Snyman is the senior leader of the Lighthouse church in Cape Town, South Africa. In the dark days of apartheid Lighthouse was one of the first churches in South Arica to open its doors to all nations.

Despite being a church of over 2,000, God gave them a vision to reach the unreached. With the best intentions and many attempts they weren’t able to turn the vision God gave them into reality.

Then in 2010 God brought David Broodryk along. David introduced Peter Synman and the Lighthouse leadership to some simple methods of Discovery Bible Study that gave them the "handles" they needed to fuel disciple making movements and among people who were far from God.

This is the second half of a story that began with my interview of David Broodryk.