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181-Praxeis - Making Disciples that Multiply

Dave Lawton talks about Praxeis, a mission agency pursuing disciple making movements around the world.

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143-San Francisco to Nicaragua - Trudy Read UPDATED

Trudy Read (front centre) and CityTeam workers

Trudy Read (front centre) and CityTeam workers

In this episode I talk to Trudy Read of CityTeam about her journey in disciple making movements.

Great insights on finding the person of peace and then coaching them to reach their world.

The video version of the interview.

Trudy mentioned two influences: David Watson and Jerry Trousdale. Their books are below.

UPDATE: The interview transcript.

135-Pioneering Movements in Rwanda

In this episode I talk to Matt Miller about Pioneering Movements in Rwanda.

Matt's DMin paper: The Role of Outside Leaders in Disciple Making Movements in East Africa.