Multiplication by Nick Klinkenberg

Nick Klinkenberg author of Multiplication

Nick Klinkenberg author of Multiplication

Nick Klinkenberg has a book out on multiplying churches. Here's what I wrote about it:

I’ve known Nick Klinkenberg for more than 20 years. He’s been a church planter, senior pastor, movement leader, and pioneer. Read this book, Multiplication, and learn from his lifetime of experience. Even better, you’ll catch the fire that burns in his heart.

Nick is a Kiwi with a big heart for reaching Europe. In November I'll be Holland training some of his church planters.

Chance to Win a Church Planting Library

Church Planter Magazine is running a competition and the prize is a library of 12 book on Church Planting.

My Pioneering Movements is among them.

Here’s a list of the 12 books that Pete Mitchell and Peyton Jones over at Church Planter Magazine are giving away:

  • Church Zero by Peyton Jones
  • Honestly by Daniel Fusco
  • Staying is the new going by Alan briggs
  • Apostolic Church Planting by J.D. Payne
  • Erasing Hell by Francis Chan
  • To The Edge by J.D. Payne
  • Happy Hour by Hugh Halter
  • Pioneering Movements by Steve Addison
  • No Place Left by Steve Smith
  • Small Is Big Slow Is Fast by Caesar Kalinowski
  • The High Definition Leader by Derwin L. Gray
  • Guardrails by Alan Briggs

A bumper edition of Mission Frontiers

Mission Frontiers cover

The March/April edition of Mission Frontiers is out.

Articles by Jeff Sundell, Nathan Shank, Troy Cooper, Stan Parks, David Watson, Fred Campbell and some bloke called Steve Addison.

A great resource for team learning. Do everyone a favour and spread the word….

UPDATE: you can download the whole edition free, but some of the articles online are web only.

Pioneering Movements available now on Amazon

Pioneering Movements is in stock on Amazon. Hard copy only. (Apologies to Kindle readers).

"Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches" (Steve Addison)

IVP is still offering a 50% discount when you purchase direct. The offer extends to my Movements that Change the World and What Jesus started. That may not last long now Amazon has copies (coupon code 506-491).