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Ying and Grace Kai's book is out! UPDATED

Grace & Ying Kai, Steve & Michelle Addison

Grace & Ying Kai, Steve & Michelle Addison

From the promo:

Seventeen years ago, Ying and Grace Kai began a Great Commission adventure with the launching of T4T: Training for Trainers. A decade later, the most fruitful Church Planting Movement in history had recorded more than two million baptisms, 150 thousand new church starts and countless lives transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ.

From my review of Ying and Grace Kai's new book:

I’ve been a student of movements that multiply disciples and churches for thirty years. Ying and Grace Kai are standouts as pioneers, catalysts, trainers and strategists for church planting movements.

To meet them is to be infected by their contagious love for Jesus and their passion to reach people far from God. This book is a treasure trove of case studies, principles and practices for people who share their heart for God and the Great Commission.

Grace & Ying Kai with Dave Milne

Grace & Ying Kai with Dave Milne

UPDATE for Aussies and Kiwis: Dave Milne has copies to sell.

What was a Dutchman doing in the Middle East speaking Arabic?

There are two types of people in the world — those who know Jesus, and those who don’t.

Share the good news with the latter, and train the former.

Ying Kai

I met Hank somewhere in the Middle East recently. I assumed he was an Arab with good English. I discovered he was Dutch with good English and Arabic.

Hank is a student of Middle Eastern studies working has way around the region, learning Arabic and learning culture.

In exchange for a bed and meals he was serving as a waiter in a hotel. I was impressed.

I soon found out he has a Catholic faith. 

He had to keep working and I was checking out, so I had just a few minutes to explain how he could start reading the (Injil) Gospels with Muslims who wanted to know more about Isa (Jesus).

The Quran commands Muslims to do just that.

So I explained the Discovery approach, outlined the passages to read and discuss, and emailed the questions.

I prayed for Hank and told him, if he gets started to send me an email and we can talk more.

Ying Kai returns to Sydney

Ying and Grace Kai

Ying and Grace Kai are returning to Sydney for two days training in multiplying movements — Dec 2-3, 2015.

God worked through them to launch a movement of multiplying churches in Asia.

King is the co-author of T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution. His T4T approach (Training for Trainers) has been adopted all over the world and is bearing fruit.

Register at the NoPlaceLeft Aussie website before Nov 24.

UPDATE: Thanks to my spell checker Ying Kai became King Kai. Thanks to Toy Copper for the correction.

060-Steve Smith and Jeff Sundell debrief and apply Ying Kai's case study [Podcast]

Ying & Grace

Ying & Grace

  Co-author, Steve Smith, debriefs Ying Kai's case study of a church planting movement.

Jeff Sundell shares how CPM principles are being applied in the US and leads participants in applying the principles in their world. Follow to the link to Jeff Sundell's resources.

The recording was made at a Mid-level Trainers' event in Houston Texas in December 2013.