Podcasts 2-31-60

060-Steve Smith and Jeff Sundell debrief and apply Ying Kai's case study [Podcast]

Ying & Grace

Ying & Grace

  Co-author, Steve Smith, debriefs Ying Kai's case studyย of a church planting movement.

Jeff Sundell shares how CPM principles are being applied in the US and leads participants in applying the principles in their world.ย Follow to the link to Jeff Sundell's resources.

The recording was made at a Mid-level Trainers' event in Houston Texas in December 2013.

059-Ying Kai on Church Planting Movements

For security reasons we can't show you Ying Kai's face. But you can listen to him share about a church planting movement in East Asia that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of new disciples and thousands of new churches.

The video above is an interview Ying Kai did with Rick Warren.

The podcast recording was made at a Mid-level Trainers' event in Houston Texas in December 2013.

Ying Kai and Steve Smith will be training again in Houston, March 4-7, 2014.

UPDATE: It is now possible to show Ying's face. He's now blocked from entering certain countries.

058-Reaching the world in your backyard: James Harvey & David Kaufmann

Steve, James & David

Steve, James & David

God has brought the world to Nashville Tennessee. James Harvey and David Kaufmann talk about reaching immigrant populations through disciple making movements.

What they had to say rocked my understanding of how we train workers for the harvest.

Download their resources at t4tusa.com

Contact James and David about training at citychurchmovement.com

056-Defining movements โ€” David Broodryk

David and Steve in Kiev

David and Steve in Kiev

David Broodryk is a practitioner, trainer, coach and strategist for disciple making movements.

I met David at a gathering of CoNext partners a few hours out of Kiev in the Ukraine.

David shares describes what a movements are and looks specifically at disciple making movements.

As you listen you can follow the presentation.

055-I'm seeing people come to Christ in numbers unlike anything I've ever seen in my ministry. Gary Stump

A second interview with Gary Stump, a pastor who is making the transition from gathering a crowd to making disciples.

Gary mentions Ying Kai's six discipleship lessons and the book, T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution

054-God, give us Austin Texas or we die! Fred and Melissa Campbell

Fred & Melissa Campbell

Fred & Melissa Campbell

Recently I received a directive from Jeff Sundell, "You've got to interview Fred and Melissa Campbell!"

He was right.

Fred mentions two websites: Explore God and T4TUSA.

He also referred the e3 Partners US Expeditions 2014.