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143-San Francisco to Nicaragua - Trudy Read UPDATED

Trudy Read (front centre) and CityTeam workers

Trudy Read (front centre) and CityTeam workers

In this episode I talk to Trudy Read of CityTeam about her journey in disciple making movements.

Great insights on finding the person of peace and then coaching them to reach their world.

The video version of the interview.

Trudy mentioned two influences: David Watson and Jerry Trousdale. Their books are below.

UPDATE: The interview transcript.

122-David Watson β€” My journey with disciple making movements

David Watson

David Watson

David Watson tells the story of his journey with disciple making movements.

Some background on David:

David has been instrumental in catalysing 64 church planting movements in the hardest-to-reach nations of the world. He has trained the leaders that have seen over 100,000 churches planted resulting in over 4 million new, baptised believers.

Thanks to Praxeis for making David's message available.

Contagious Disciple Making by David Watson

David Watson in Melbourne β€” April 2016

David Watson Australia 2016 David Watson, movement catalyst and author of Contagious Disciple Making will be training in Melbourne: April 4-8, 2016.

My interview with David on Contagious Disciple Making.

Praxeis is hosting and taking registrations.Β (I like their new look website!).


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Dave Lawton, seen here conducting the Praxeis Choir in the Hallelujah Chorus,Β has a blog.

103-David Watson author of Contagious Disciple Making

Co-authors David and Paul Watson

Co-authors David and Paul Watson

Steve Addison talks to David Watson, a movement pioneer and a catalyst for disciple making movements around the world. David and his son Paul have turned a lifetime of experience into a must-read book.