Christmas greetings from a cottage in Cornwall, England

Steve Michelle Addison 2013 12 24

I’ve spent most of November and early December training in disciple making movements around England — London, Bristol, Cambridge, Leicester and Nottingham.

Now Michelle and I are taking some long service leave. We’ve found a quiet 17th Century cottage in a small town by the coast. 

The locals assure us Cornwall is “sub tropical” which means gale force winds of 70mph and temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius. Plenty of warm fires, reading and long walks in waterproof gear.

Next stop Thailand and India where we’ll visit some of our workers and I’ll will do some research for my next book on Movement Leadership.

I’m not planning to update the blog again until early February.

Congratulations to the Aussie cricket team for restoring the natural order of things in their 3-0 Ashes victory over England.

Enjoy this amazing time of the year when we reflect on God's gift of life in Jesus Christ.

Update from Gary Stump

Here’s Gary Stumps latest estimates of progress in multiplying disciples through discovery based bible study groups.

Over 200 "T4T” groups
Approximately 1,000 people in the groups
Approximately 50% are unsaved
We have some 5th Generation groups
Estimate approximately 300 new believers since 1 January 2013

These are not just conversions. These are people discovering Christ in the context of obedience orientated discipleship.

You can listen to my two interviews with Gary Stump on the Movements Podcast.

Movement in the South Pacific

2013 11 Grant Morrison 2

Grant Morrison is our man in the South Pacific. Here’s news from his training in Honiara, Solomon Islands:

One lady, who had never quite been able to have her children listen to her talk about Jesus, has now been able to tell her children and grandchildren about Jesus and they have asked questions. She is so happy. One of the youth leaders, Laurence, has shared about Jesus with colleagues at work and seen them come to faith. He has talked with some of the youth at the church and also met a girl down the street shared with her and she made a decision to follow Jesus. Another man, Stephen, has been on a roll and told dozens of people at his work about Jesus. One day, at work, he was out in a truck doing deliveries with 2 others and the driver stopped and asked him again to retell the story of Jesus he wanted to understand it completely.

At this training I used the gospel bracelet as the tool to prompt in telling Jesus story. I decided on this tool because there were many illiterate people at the training. With the bracelet each colored bead is a reminder of something Jesus has done or we are to do. The stories of people sharing their faith show the bracelet proved to be a success. I’ve also trained people not to hand over a bracelet until the person can retell the gospel story accurately. As a result 100’s of people have heard about Jesus and are telling others.

At the other training the attendance has only been small with equally exciting results. One of the men, Nelson, has brought along his new believers. One week it was Samson and the next was Josep. Both had made clear decisions to follow Jesus. This is just the beginning. Nelson is going back to his home village for Christmas and he wants to tell everyone there about Jesus and to start groups for ongoing discipleship. His partner over Christmas will be Samson who has been a believer for 2 weeks. Samson is very excited about being part of the adventure.

In 2014 Grant will be training in Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Here’s where you can go to support his ministry.

Online training in disciple making movements

Chuck Wood has details of a free online seminar.

Jeff Sundell, Ying Kai, and Steve Smith, Church Planting Movement Coordinators and practitioners of T4T in China, India, and Nepal, will be giving an online seminar on Friday, Dec 13th from 6:30-9:30pm and Saturday, Dec 14th from 8:30-11:00am.

The instruction will be an overview of the Book of Acts, an Iron on Iron Session, and lessons learned from the movements Jesus used them in overseas and now in the US.

The online seminar is free and will be at (look for "live streaming" at the top of the page, click on that link). If you want to hear from those who have been a part of a disciple-making movement first hand, don't miss this training.

Re times: The event will be held in Austin Texas. 

(VIDEO) Following and Fishing: Session 4

The forth of four sessions on multiplying disciples, groups and churches. Everywhere.

In this session participants report in on their experiences in looking for “persons of peace.” Steve shares an overview of a disciple making movement.

You can download the participant notes and an outline for trainers.

Following and Fishing: Sessions 1-4

(VIDEO) Following and Fishing: Session 3


The third of four sessions on multiplying disciples, groups and churches. Everywhere.

In this session you learn how to lead someone to Christ using a simple gospel outline.

Download the participant notes and an outline for trainers.

Following and Fishing: Sessions 1-4

The end of Christianity in Britain! Really?


The Church of England is "one generation away from extinction", the former Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

Lord Carey, 78, said churchgoers should be "ashamed" of themselves for failing to invest more in young people and called for urgent action before its too late.

The outspoken Lord said that unless more was done to attract new worshipers then every one of the 43 CofE dioceses across the world could be wiped out within 25 years.

Well, Lord Carey is right and his is wrong. Every Christian movement is a generation away from extinction. God has no grandchildren. 

Yet Christianity is far from extinction in Britain. I’ve been training in London, Bristol, Leicester, and Nottingham and I’m excited about the future of the Christian movement in Britain. Hundreds of people have shown up to be trained in the essentials of disciple making movements — connecting with people, sharing the gospel, training disciples, gathering communities and multiplying workers.

I’ve been impressed with the leaders I’ve met from the New Wine Network

This weekend I’m training at the Newforms National Gathering in Nottingham. There’s seventy people in the room from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales who are already out sharing the gospel, making disciples and forming new groups and churches. 

The future of the church in Britain is as bright as the promises of God and the liberating power of the gospel. All that is needed are people who obey Jesus’ command to follow him, and trust his promise that he will teach them to fish for people — faith and obedience.

So let’s have no more talk about “extinction”. It isn’t about us. If we remain silent God can make these stones cry out.