Podcasts 1-0-30

025-Your next church planter might be a crack dealer

Neil Perry

Neil Perry

Most of us go looking for our next church planter among bright young youth pastors or seminary students. Neil Perry found his next church planter among drug dealers and prostitutes.

It's only five minutes but you will be amazed by what you hear.

Neil was a guest presenter at my Exponential 2011 workshop. If you want to learn more about what Neil is doing, listen to the reports and interviews with Jeff Sundell on the Movements podcast. They work closely together.

023-Jeff Sundell Reports In (3)

Houses of Peace

Houses of Peace

Here's how Jeff Sundell sees his mission field. Expanding networks of contagious relationships for the spread of the gospel.

The third and final report from Jeff on applying CPM principles in the US.

For all those anxious fans of "Barney", his fourth and final instalment is due in a few days time.

UPDATE: There have been a lot of requests for copies of the materials Jeff refers to in the case study. He doesn't normally make them available without some training. But for those who have listened to his interviews and case study we'll make an exception . .. at least until Jeff finds out!


022-Jeff Sundell Reports In (2)

Jeff Sundell & Steve Smith

Jeff Sundell & Steve Smith

Jeff continues to unpack his journey of applying CPM principles among broken and needy people in North Carolina. It may be the South, but it's not the bible-belt.

Workers from the toughest suburbs of western Sydney felt right at home as Jeff shared.

The second of three sessions.

021-Jeff Sundell Reports In (1)

Amie & Jeff Sundell

Amie & Jeff Sundell

We've just hosted a three day Community of Practice for leaders that are applying church planting movement (CPM) principles around Australia. We brought Jeff and Angie Sundell (above) out to facilitate the peer learning.

Here Jeff Sundell talks about his efforts to apply what he learned about CPMs in India and Nepal, back home in the US.

This is the first of three sessions. They will be valuable for anyone wanting to multiply disciples and communities in a western setting.

020-Steve interviews Tim Scheuer—again

I'm in Christchurch, New Zealand this week. A city recovering from a massive earthquake (7.1).

I'm with 150 leaders from the Vineyard talking about Movements.

I skyped in Tim Scheuer to talk about what God is doing in SW Sydney. I've interviewed Tim a number of times. This is one of the best.

Although there are a few technical glitches to endure, it's worth it.