Following and Fishing

Following & Fishing in Australia

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One of our team just trained the staff of a local church in sharing the gospel and making disciples.

In the room was a woman with thirty years experience of missionary and local church leadership. In all that time, she had never led anyone to Christ. That afternoon she shared the gospel and led someone to Christ. 

That's what happens when we train people who haven't given up on Christ's call to follow him, and his promise to teach them how to fish for people (Mark 1:17).

Michelle and I are back in Australia training and mobilizing God's people to share the gospel and make disciples.

If you want to attend or host a training, we'd like to hear from you.


Following & Fishing v4.1

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There's a new version out of Following & Fishing, the participant notes for our training. Mostly stolen from people who don't mind. 

The main change is I've aligned the Commands of Christ (the 7 are now 9) with the signs of a healthy church (Acts 2:36-47) so discipleship and church formation are better integrated.

Our first Australian training since returning will be down in beautiful Tasmania, March 17, 2018.