Another day in Essex

Russell & Dapo

Russell & Dapo

Russell Godward his been out with Dapo and others looking for houses of peace in Essex. Russell should know better. The gospel's not supposed to work in England.

Out visiting homes and offering prayer in our town.

A  lady invites us in to pray with her. Her life & family are broken. We pray and share the gospel. She turns, believes and invites Jesus to be her new king!

We return to disciple her later this week. A few doors down we pray for a  guy in his 30s who has a brain tumour. We share the gospel. He's not ready to turn and believe but wants us to return on Friday.

That evening we have a team meeting and meal. One of the guys is late. When he turns up he shares how he was sharing the gospel with his neighbour and wife. They both turn and believe, and respond to the command to be baptised immediately. They run a bath and baptise them! BOOM!!

I cheekily ask who gave them the authority to baptise - their answer - JESUS did! Oh yes!!

This is a town in Essex! People everywhere are ready to respond to an invitation to follow and obey Jesus! Come on....

The reason people aren't coming to faith in our communities is that we're not sharing. The gospel works. Everywhere.

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