Fred Campbell

093-Searching for a house of peace in Leicester, UK


In this podcast you'll hear reports from the Leicester Mission (July 6-11, 2015).

Our aim was to apply what Jesus taught his disciples to do in finding houses of peace. Fred Campbell unpacks a house of peace search. Nick Duffy (Manchester) and Russell Godward (Essex) talk about how they took the lessons they learnt in Leicester and applied them back home.

Find out more about the 3Circles gospel presentation which was mentioned in the podcast.

UPDATE: My report on the Mission Week including some of the nuts and bolts.

082-What Does it Take to Reach a City? (1) Fred Campbell

Fred and Melissa with a guy who needs some serious help
Fred and Melissa with a guy who needs some serious help

We listen in as Fred talks to a group of practitioners about what it takes to reach a city. Part two will follow in the next episode.

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UPDATE: What Does it Take to Reach a City Part 2.

Fred on getting from zero to one [video]

Tim Scheuer hosts another google hangout for practitioners downunder.

Fred is the guest contributor. He’s the man to help get you from “zero to one.” From finding a person of peace for forming a new group of disciples.

It’s two hours and unedited, but if you’re keen you’ll want to watch and learn. Then go do something.