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Talking about Jesus in Britain

Here’s why we should be talking to people about Jesus in Britain.

The findings support our own experience. A significant number of people in Britain are ready for the conversation.

Why don’t you pray for a need and ask someone, Right now are you near or far from God?

Then ask: Would you like to be near?

Follow up with: I’d like to share how I was far and came near.

Share the 3Circles.

  • Red Light = No thanks. Some people will not be interested.Move on.
  • Amber Light = Need to know more. Offer to read stories about Jesus with them — 7 Stories of Hope.
  • Green Light = Yes. Lead them to Christ, baptize them and teach them to obey what Jesus has commanded — 7 Commands.

You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Our next Following and Fishing training is in Manchester, 4-5 December 2015. If you want to make disciples, it’s worth the drive and the time.

We’ll get you started and train you to train others.