Disciple making movements

174-NoPlaceLeft Isaan Thailand

Steve Addison talks to Steve Parlato (above right) about NoPlaceLeft among the twenty million ethnic Lao people of NE Thailand. They are one of the lest reached people groups in East Asia.

Steve has a HUB site for training with 2414.

The English version of the Creation to Judgment gospel presentation.

125-Pioneering Movements in Prisons β€” Phil Alessi

122-David Watson β€” My journey with disciple making movements

David Watson

David Watson

David Watson tells the story of his journey with disciple making movements.

Some background on David:

David has been instrumental in catalysing 64 church planting movements in the hardest-to-reach nations of the world. He has trained the leaders that have seen over 100,000 churches planted resulting in over 4 million new, baptised believers.

Thanks to Praxeis for making David's message available.

Contagious Disciple Making by David Watson

116-Pioneering Movements among Muslims in SE Asia

James Nyman talks to Steve Addison about pioneering movements among Muslims in SE Asia. James is the author of Stubborn Perseverance: How to Launch Cascading Movements to Christ Among Muslims (and others).

To find out more visit Beyond.

113-Pioneering Movements in Cities β€” David Broodryk

David Broodryk talks to Steve Addison about the place of groups, gatherings and teams in pioneering movements in urban environments.

Visit Accelerate to learn more and connect with David.