New American Commentaries - 50% to 90% off

Hebrews by David Allen: $2.99 on US Kindle. UPDATE: Discount also applies on UK Kindle.

A good, although not great commentary from a scholar who argues that Luke wrote Hebrews.

Worth it for $2.99.

"Hebrews: 35 (The New American Commentary)" (David L. Allen)


A scholarly look at the Pastoral Epistles for $3.99 on US Kindle.

"Entrusted with the Gospel: Paul's Theology in the Pastoral Epistles" (B&H Academic)


The UK Kindle price for both these books has been discounted down to £1.99.

Great to see Amazon coordinating the discount for both US and UK. Hopefully for other Amazon stores as well.

A good commentary on James for under $5