Movement Pioneers look back, then move forward

Saffie on the move

Saffie on the move

Some more wisdom from someone who has been training, coaching and mentoring movement pioneers for a long, long, time.


It’s getting close to the end of the calendar year. It’s time for reflection.

So of all the guys you have stood in front of this year who is seriously getting on towards a movement?

List names. What do you and I need to do to facilitate them?

I say this because my initial training only takes some one so far, And by far the majority of guys we train never get to movement.

There are continuing new challenges that constantly pop up as obstacles to practitioners.

Another way to look at this is how many movements: incipient, potential, or actual are underway from my training efforts this past year.

I recognized that God and many other persons have had a hand in these, but realistically where have I made a difference and what do I need to do sustain one or more of these.

In hind sight would it be belter to drop everything and pour massive energy into two or three guys who might become Ying Kais or at least person God uses to reach a million.

At every stage of a movement they will face challenges they’ve never faced before:

  • First handfull of believers
  • First hundred
  • First martyrdom
  • First scandal
  • First thousand
  • First wide distance geographical expansion
  • First ten thousand .
  • First need for mature mid-level leaders
  • First encounter with traditional nay saying Christianity

There are unique challenges that each practitioner may not have faced before. They’ll need a coach.


Yoda speaks on Multiplication Movements

 Images Steve-Ogne-PhotoWe all need Yodas in our life. One of mine is Steve Ogne. As a novice coach Steve taught me to listen and let the church planter wrestle with the issue. Back in the nineties cost me $50 an hour in phone calls to the US and worth every cent.

I still do too much telling as a coach, but thanks to Steve at least I feel guilty about it.

Dave DeVries has been listening to Steve talk about church planting movements over lunch. Here's Dave's report:

In a lunch conversation with my friend Steve Ogne a few weeks ago, he shared three observations about Multiplication Movements after his trip to India.

#1 - Value the function of the apostle. (Ephesians 4:11) Train those who are gifted apostles with the same intensity we train pastor-teachers. Train how to lead and multiply.

#2 - Value multiplication at all costs. When a church is started and it gets going, the church planter is expected to go start another church. The idea of a long-term pastorate is lazy and self-centered. Bigness is not a big deal. If you grow a big church the key question is: “Why haven't you started another church yet?”

#3 - Faith is valued and taught - not knowledge. In the United States, Christianity is knowledge driven; in India they are faith-driven. The mindset is completely different.

Here's Steve's forthcoming book on coaching missional leaders.

“TransforMissional Coaching: Empowering Missional Leaders in a Changing Ministry World” (Steve Ogne, Tim Roehl, Ed Stetzer)

Simply a great coaching manual

Fifteen years of experience and some research has convinced me that effective coaching is a key ingredient in any church planting movement. One of the best resources for coaches is Simply Coaching by Tom Wymore. I met Tom at the Church Multiplication training with Ralph Moore in Hawaii. He's a great guy and a good coach.

The information in his manual alone is not enough to make you a good coach. But it's a great start. Download it. Read it. Grab someone who can put up with you and start coaching. Find an experienced coach to give you some honest feedback.

Who knows, you might just change someone's life and ministry.

Simply Coaching 2008