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135-Pioneering Movements in Rwanda

In this episode I talk to Matt Miller about Pioneering Movements in Rwanda.

Matt's DMin paper: The Role of Outside Leaders in Disciple Making Movements in East Africa.


133-One seminary is adapting to train movement pioneers

Dr George Robinson, SEBTS

Dr George Robinson, SEBTS

In this episode of the Movements podcast I talk to Dr George Robinson on how Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is adapting to train movement pioneers.

UPDATE: We're still working on the broken iTunes subscription feed.

Download the story of St Patrick and the Celtic missionary movement

St Patrick's Day Dublin 2015

St Patrick's Day Dublin 2015

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day. So wear something green and remember this great hero of the faith. To mark the occasion, you can download a free copy of Patrick's story from the prologue of Movements that Change the World.

It will be available until the end of St Patrick's Day.

May the story of Patrick and the Celtic missionary movement inspire you to trust God for the same today.


132-Local churches mobilising for movements UPDATED

Steve Addison talks to Troy Cooper about local churches adopting a NoPlaceLeft strategy for their community, and mobilising workers to make disciples and multiply churches nationally and overseas.

UPDATE: This episode was released early. We've changed the date to bring it into line with the episode numbering system.