Did Joy do the right thing?

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Joy did Following and Fishing training with me in Werribee, just south of Melbourne.

She's a twenty something and Chinese (centre of the photo). She works as a legal secretary.

Immediately she began doing Discovery Bible study with her family who live in a remote village in the north of China. After three weeks her brother gave his life to Christ and Joy baptised him over the phone!

Her mum is a believer, so while Joy said, "I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit," her mum poured the bucket of water.

Joy asked me, Did I do the right thing?"

I asked her, "What does the Bible say?"

"Steve there are no mobile phones in the Bible!"

So I said, "Joy, was your brother lost and is he now found? Was he dead and now he is alive?" 

"Yes, she said."

"You did the right thing." I assured her.

There is no church in the village, so Joy is taking her mum, brother, his wife, and her nephew through basic discipleship using the Seven Commands of Christ.

Then she's going to help them become the first church in their village.


Joy has translated the first four discipleship studies into Chinese for her family and made them available to others. There's a Chinese-English version and a Chinese only version.