News from the field

I'm in the delightful city of Adelaide, South Australia this week.

I'm at Tabor College training Masters and Doctor of Ministry students in disciple making movements and it's fun. These folk don't want to just pass a subject, they want to make disciples.

This report just came in via Jeff Sundell. Nothing confidential, but as I didn't have time to get permission to use it, I've changed the names of the people involved.

It gives you a feel of what happens when you start training people and then help them become practitioner-trainers.

This example is from the US, but it could have come from India, China, the Middle East or Australia.

William is the trainer. Ben is a practitioner who is training others.


It is a joy to share what the Lord is doing through T4T in our state. We are seeing people come to Christ. Below are some of the highlights.

In 2012:

  • 80 people committed their life to Christ
  • 50 were baptized 
  • 200 were trained in T4T Disciple-making
  • Several 2nd generation (G-2) Christians
  • 1 third generation (G-3) Christians
  • 1 New Church Launched in the neighborhood
  • Several New Churches in Planning Stages
  • 30+ Discovery Bible Studies currently active

Other things:

Our folks are well versed in three-thirds process; person of peace; four fields
We’re finding the new Christians are more active in sharing their faith probably because their “oikos” is mostly unsaved
We have seen a Disciple-Making culture develop in our people.

Ben, you asked me, “How many of your people will hear the Gospel today?”

We have our folks fill out a “Disciple-Making Report” each Sunday. The best I can estimate, I believe the number of people who are hearing the Gospel each day in our area might have doubled in the past year directly as a result of T4T training.

Please tell Ying Kai hello for us. We pray for him often. Thank him for his faithfulness in training the church in effective disciple-making. It’s so great hearing for you. I pray for you often as well and feel very blessed to have you in my life.

Onward in Christ


Question: Is it time for you to get some training so you can get into the field and begin training others?