A 'radical evangelical' conforms


Was the author [of Genesis 2:24] intending to enshrine the view that all lifelong sexual unions should be exclusively heterosexual because this is a 'creation ordinance'? Or, is this simply the normative illustration, whereas the critical truths of the story lie elsewhere?

if it's the latter, then does the 'norm' necessarily infer the 'ideal'? Or is it like the 'norm' of being right-handed, which never implies any failing of those who are born left-handed?

Steve Chalke

English Evangelical leader, Steve Chalke has released a statement in support of same-sex marriage. Last year he conducted a dedication and blessing service following the Civil Partnership of two gay Christians.

Chalke is not alone. Last year US evangelical author, Brian McLaren, also came out in support of same sex marriage, and followed up by officiating at  his son Trevor's same-sex marriage.

Amazing how for thousands of years, God's people missed what Genesis 2:24 was really saying. We missed it again when Jesus confirmed that marriage is a lifelong, exclusive commitment, between a man and a woman. We owe a great debt to these radicals. At the right time, when the culture is shifting, they are leading the way in conformity.

Expect the trickle of radical 'evangelicals' who publicly support same sex marriage, to become a torrent in the years to come.

UPDATE: To get to the heart of the matter read through Steve Chalke's article and look for his understanding of scriptural authority. Steve's problem is not just his view of marriage, it's his view of Scripture. Like so many other church leaders, obedience is optional.