What Des taught me

Des Fishing-1I'm still stunned after my conversation with Des, punch-drunk by the simplicity of what he does. Why do we make it so complicated? What is wrong with doing what Jesus did?

Here's seven simple lessons Des taught me:

  1. If you’re in ministry and you’re not growing leaders, you’re not doing your job.
  2. If you grow leaders and give them away the ministry will take care of itself.
  3. You grow leaders on the job. High demands and lots of belief in them. Room to succeed and room to fail.
  4. Create the right context and workers will be banging on your door trying to get in.
  5. If Jesus was running your movement, guys like Des would be his right hand men. Read the gospels.
  6. Des is smart but there is no way guys like him would make it through most denominational systems of training. They don't like sitting still.
  7. Leadership development is as much about character as it is about knowledge and skills.

It’s not complicated. Maybe that's why Jesus, a carpenter, chose fishermen to lead his movement.

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