Christ didn't die for an abstraction

Cslewis1950A student of C.S. Lewis, visited Wheaton College and the works of Lewis housed there. He picked up a volume from Lewis’s library, “Eternal Life”, by Frederick von Hugel. In pencil on the inside cover Lewis had written:

It is not an abstraction called Humanity that is to be saved. It is you yourself —yourself, not another.

It is your soul and, in some sense not fully understood, even your body, that was made for the high and holy place. And that you are—your sins excepted—every fold and crease and nook and cranny of your individuality, destined from all eternity to fit God as a glove fits a hand. And that intimate particularity which you can hardly grasp yourself, much less communicate to your fellow creatures, is no mystery to Him. He made those ins and outs that He might fill them.

He gave you just so curious a life because it is the key designed to unlock the door of all the myriad doors in Him.


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