Movements across the South Pacific [podcast]

Grant and Alpheus

Grant and Alpheus

On our way to London we dropped in on Grant Morrison in the Solomon Islands.

Grant shares how the gospel is advancing across the South Pacific.


Getting Started with Movements [video]

Michelle and I are on our journey from Melbourne to London. We stopped off in Mexico for the CRM World Wide Conference.

Here’s my “Ted Talk” on getting started with disciple making movements.

Interview with Dave Lawton of Praxeis [podcast]

Praxeis workers 2014

a crazy bunch of Praxeis workers

Steve interviews Dave Lawton, founder of Praxeis, a crazy bunch of people out sharing the gospel, making disciples and planting churches. Listen to previous interviews with Dave here.


Troubleshooting the Four Fields: Leadership Multiplication

Four Fields  leadership


The inspiration for my Movements Diamond came from Nathan Shank’s Four Fields training on church planting movements.

This is the last in a series on how to  troubleshoot each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

 Leadership multiplication: Key Questions

  • Are there 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations of healthy churches?
  • Are you in control?

Reproducing Discipleship truths/Vision casting:

Leadership training begins in Field 1 Your goal is next generation leaders capable of the kingdom process, tools and vision.

Give your leaders your intentional time. Who are you committed to spend 60-90 days with this year? Every Paul has a Timothy. Everyone leading a group must identify folks in their second groups and begin investing in them.

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Can you list your Timothies?
  • What barriers are you seeing in each field for new/emerging leaders to emerge?
  • How do you identify emerging leaders in field four/new church starts? Qualifications?
  • Have you examined expectations with scripture?
  • What roles for new leaders develop quickly?
  • What roles need more specific/intentional responsibilities to foster?
  • How do you empower? What roles need formal recognition?
  • What roles are a product of every believer expectation?
  • How do you handle discipline when roles are neglected?
  • If you were removed today, what roles would suffer/end within your network?

Find out more on the Four Fields in my interviews with Nathan somewhere in South Asia: The Five Parts of a CPM Plan. Also my interviews with Jeff Sundell and Friends.

“T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution: The Story Behind the World’s Fastest Growing Church Planting Movement and How it Can Happen in Your Community!” (Steve Smith)

Four Fields Troubleshooting: 4. Church Formation

Four Fields  church formation

We’re looking at how to troubleshoot each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

Field 4: Key Questions

  • Are the ordinances (Baptism and Lord’s Supper) in place in new churches?
  • Are local leaders stepping forward? Being empowered?

Reproducing Discipleship truths/Vision casting:

Church planting is the reset button in the Kingdom of God. When a church functions rightly, everything needed for accountability, resourcing, vision and encouragement for sending is built into each generation – Acts 2:38-47; 13:1-5.

In Field 1, start with the end in mind of church formation. Church is not the place you go, it is who we are. Help people understand “what is church?” Help people be church. Help people identify and covet together as church. Weekly, coach people through the nine elements of a healthy church.

Everyone has to be part of two churches for multiplication to occur.

Don’t allow outside teachers who are not familiar with multiplication principles and practices to lead the group; protect new believers from wolves.

Define leadership qualification with Scripture (1 Tim 3; Titus 1), don’t let our preferences define leaders.

Early on, you may need to share leadership/gifts among networks of small “acorn” churches until leadership is raised up in local churches (Ephesians 4:11-12).

Diagnostic Questions: 9 Key Elements of Healthy Church (Acts 2:38-47).

  • Are people sharing the Gospel?
  • Are others coming to faith?
  • Are people being baptized?
  • Are we meeting regularly?
  • Are we studying the Word of God?
  • Are we praying regularly?
  • Have we taken the Lord’s Supper together?
  • Are we worshiping together?
  • Are we giving sacrificially?
  • Has this group committed and coveted together to be a church?
  • Have we identified caring, committed leaders?

To find out more about the Four Fields download Nathan’s training material and listen in to my interviews with Nathan in South Asia and Jeff Sundell and Friends.

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Troubleshooting the Four Fields: 3. Discipleship

Four Fields  discipleship

We’re looking at how Nathan Shank troubleshoots each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

The Discipleship Field is about simple reproducing methods of teaching new believers to follow and obey Jesus.

Key Questions

  • What percentage of new believers are baptized?
  • Are new groups forming? 

Discipleship short-term patterns and long-term discipleship (self-feeding). 

Field 2 is the engine, but Field 3 efforts develop roots among disciples.

Reproducing Discipleship truths/Vision casting: Disciples are not born but intentionally made! Teach them to obey the Word of God (Matt 28:19-20) and listen to the Holy Spirit (Eph. 6:10-16).

Don’t birth babies and leave them in the woods. Nurture, protect, envision, empower.

The Holy Spirit is more committed to your disciples than you are, watch for his work.

Teach them to obey the Word of God from day one.

Disciples need to be making disciples. Obedience to one command qualifies you to teach that command to others.

Success is defined by the maturity (obedience balanced with knowledge) of your disciples.

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Short-term patterns: Do you have 7-11 basic discipleship lessons (like the 7 Commands of Jesus) that every new believer needs to understand about Jesus and also move toward group formation? We must start with the end in mind; we want healthy reproducing churches!
  • Long-term patterns: Train them in enough Scripture to obey that they can pass it along to their disciples using a simple discovery Bible study method like the Sword Method: What do you learn about God? What do you learn about People? As a group, what is the one main meaning of this passage? Application via SPEC: Sin to avoid? Promise to claim? Example to follow? Command to obey? Spend a minimum of 9 months discipling new believers in the basics!
  • For the leaders that are coming up in your groups, you need to invest three years into your 30, 60, 100-fold folks. Have them systematically read four chapters of the Bible daily: Two chapters in OT, two chapters in NT, 365 days a year asking God what they need to obey and what they need to say to others.
  • Are your folks talking about grandchildren in the Lord?
  • How many baptisers have emerged?

Find out more on the Four Fields in my interviews with Nathan somewhere in South Asia: The Five Parts of a CPM Plan

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Steve talks to Church Planter Magazine [podcast]


Here’s my interview with Peyton Jones and Pete Mitchell of Church Planter Magazine.

We talk about church planting from a movements perspective and how God shapes the heart of a pioneer.


Trouble Shooting the Four Fields: 2. Gospel

Four Fields  gospel

We’re looking at how to troubleshoot each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

Key questions

  • How many will hear the Gospel message today in your fields?
  • Where will the sowers come from?

Reproducing Discipleship truth/Vision casting:

  • Field 2 is the engine in a movement. 1 Corinthians 15:1-5 — right message, Acts 20:21 — right response

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Do you have the habit? Are you sharing the Gospel frequently?
  • Does the Gospel presentation you are using have the potential to multiply through the average person in your people group?
  • Concerning the people you have trained, are they 100% clear on the Gospel and how to share the Gospel one simple way?
  • Are you holding people accountable weekly to share the Gospel and to train others weekly to share the Gospel?
  • Are you calling people to make a decision? Does the expected decision match Acts 20:21?
  • Are your folks talking about grandchildren in the Lord?
  • Is ‘mouth to ear’ the focus of your training? Do you depend on media for sowing?
  • How quickly are new believers trained to engage oikos and share?
To find out more about the Four Fields download Nathan’s training material and listen in to my interviews with Nathan from South Asia and Jeff Sundell and Friends.


Troubleshooting the Four Fields: 1. Entry

Four Fields  entry

We’re looking at how movement catalysts Nathan Shank, Jeff Sundell and Jared Houk troubleshoot each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

Entry is all about connecting and identifying “people of peace.”

Key Questions

  • How many targets are you tracking for engagement? (Ethnic, Linguistic, Social, Economic)
  • How many communities are engaged?


  • Do your folks know with whom they can share the Gospel among friends, family, work mates, and folks involved in their passions?

Reproducing Discipleship truth/Vision casting:

  • God loved you and saved you; God loves your family and will save your family! This is the will of God! – Acts 10:24,33,43/ 16:14-15/16:34/18:8.
  • There are men everywhere ordered by God destined for the gospel awaiting the good news: Acts 17:26-27 – ‘… he determined times set for them and the exact places where they should live… he did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him…’

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Is your prayer persistent among your oikos for God to save them?
  • Does your Gospeling match God’s desire to rescue your oikos?
  • Are your folks talking about grandchildren in the Lord?

House of Peace:

  • Where are you sharing?
  • Does venue matter?
  • What time of day has been most effective in gathering or captuing a family audience?
  • Are you asking every person with whom you share the Gospel: Where can we meet? When can meet? Who can they invite?

Reproducing Discipleship truth/Vision casting:

  • Remember the parable of the four soils! You will share with many, many folks before you find the good soil that God has prepared!
  • Look for 30, 60, and 100-fold super-spreaders!

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Are you using stories from God’s Word, Lordship issues from God’s Word, and hard sayings of Jesus to find the 30-, 60-, 100-fold persons and peace?
  • What are the signs leading for a need to ‘wipe the dust’ and move on?
  • Are you leaving room for God’s “miraculous” to find the house of peace?
  • Are your folks talking about grandchildren in the Lord?
  • How does your vision differ from common definitions of success in ministry?
  • What promises do you claim from scripture to keep you focussed and moving forward?
To find out more about the Four Fields download Nathan’s training material and listen in to my interviews with Nathan.

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Talking to Peyton and Pete on the Church Planter Podcast


I’ve just done an interview with guys at the Church Planters Podcast.

It got personal…

UPDATE: Here’s where you can go to subscribe to the Church Planter Magazine.