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I’ll be hanging out with Colin Baron and the Broadcast Church Planting Network Thursday 27th October at 7:30pm (GMT).

You are warmly welcome.

The lights are going out in Wales

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The governing body of the Church in Wales (Anglican) has met recently. They heard a report that average Sunday attendance has fallen below 1%.

The Revd Richard Wood described it as devastating, appalling, an embarrassment, and deeply depressing.

He recognised that the Church in Wales was attempting new things, such as pioneer ministry and licensed evangelists, and said that these would take time to produce fruit. But he was concerned about the “huge amount of time, effort, energy, and money [spent] on propping up stuff which has failed”.

He moved an amendment to the motion, to say that the Governing Body received the report “with a heavy heart”, and added a new clause calling for more research into what made a growing Church.

Good to hear they’ll be some research going on.

The Church in Wales ticks all the right boxes — economic justice, climate justice, same sex marriage and the inclusion of LGBT people. They drink Fair Trade coffee. They’re just a bit fuzzy on the gospel.

NoPlaceLeft Austin TX [video]

For all you visual learners out there — the video version of my podcast interview with Garret Lawrence and his bodyguards.

127-NoPlaceLeft Austin TX [podcast]


Garret Lawrence tells the story of NoPlaceLeft Austin TX with a little help from Pete and Colin.


European Forum for Church Multiplication: Barcelona 2017

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I’ll be one of the speakers at the European Forum for Church Multiplication: 8-10 February, 2017.

Training in Manchester UPDATED


Nick Duffy and Russell Godward are training in Manchester, Nov 25-26. It’s the equivalent of our Following and Fishing training.

More details to follow.

UPDATE: Follow this link for the details.

126-From church to movement — Exponential workshop 2016


Ray Vaughn, Troy Cooper, Ron Surgeon, and Steve Wright share what they are learning about the transiton from church to movement.

Photo: The five of us at Exponential 2016. Steve Wright wasn’t there for the photo so I popped his head on the body of Alan Hirsch.

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Well done

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Taking ISIS seriously as a movement

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Scott Atran understands movements.

In a penetrating essay Atran argues that,

[we have not grasped the] revolutionary character of radical Arab Sunni revivalism. Its revival is a dynamic, countercultural movement of world-historic proportions spearheaded by ISIS.… In less than two years, it has created a dominion over hundreds of thousands of square kilometres and millions of people. And it possesses the largest and most diverse volunteer fighting force since the Second World War.

ISIS has a plan.

[It is] a purposeful plan of violence that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s self-anointed Caliph, outlined in his call for ‘volcanoes of jihad’: to create a globe-spanning jihadi archipelago that will eventually unite to destroy the present world and create a new-old world of universal justice and peace under the Prophet’s banner. A key tactic in this strategy is to inspire sympathisers abroad to violence: do what you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are, whenever possible.

Atran and his team conducted dozens of interviews and behavioural experiments with youth in Paris, London and Barcelona, as well as with captured ISIS fighters in Iraq and members of Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda’s affliate in Syria).

His conclusion? ISIS has “a profoundly alluring mission to change and save the world.”

Atran understands ISIS as a movement.

Ultimately the West’s greatest challenge in facing the threat of ISIS is not military hardware but a lack of meaning and purpose.

Nathan Shank on No Place Left

 2015 05 Nathan Shank 

Great news Nathan Shank is writing!  Here’s his Biblical foundation for a No Place Left strategy.

No Place Left is the focus of the October 2016 edition of Global Missiology.