From (immigrant) church to movement #2 [podcast]

Angie Sundell Training @ Global Harvest 2014-08

Angie Sundell (left) training @ Global Harvest

We normally think it’s our job to reach the immigrants God brings to our shores.

Jeff Sundell thought differently. What if God had brought African immigrants from Nigeria, Togo and Ghana to Charlotte, North Carolina so they should reach Americans?

In the second half the interview (first half), Jeff reflects on what he is learning about helping churches multiply disciples.

You can access Jeff Sundell’s resources at t4tusa. Chuck Wood’s resources are at the Jesus Up In Out network site.


Looking for a person rather than a methodology


I had a Skype session yesterday with my Yoda of church planting movements. He prefers to fly under the radar so we’ll call him “Yoda Bill.”

He followed up our conversation with this email on the topic of investing in the right people vs perfecting your methods.

Even today many CPM practitioner’s spend too much effort trying to get the strategy and methodology right rather than looking for the right person to invest in.

Especially among westerners, if some one says to me give me the method or give me the curriculum I know they have not understood that this is accomplished though persons rather than through methods. That is one of the contributing causes to my losing interest in the major debate over methodology

Bottom line South China worked because of Ying and Grace and what they brought to the equation rather than their T4T methodology.

I live close to major military training facility. One of their paradigms in creating leadership for high effectiveness Is  to weed out the men then train in methods.