I’ve been distracted

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Apologies for the dearth of updates for the blog. My mind has been elsewhere since arriving back in Australia.

132-Local churches mobilising for movements


Steve Addison talks to Troy Cooper about local churches adopting a NoPlaceLeft strategy for their community, and mobilising workers to make disciples and multiply churches nationally and overseas.


It’s India’s day

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A report on the World’s Most Vibrant Christward Movement:

Christianity Today circled India from north to south and back again for two weeks in order to witness the innovative and successful mission efforts of Indian evangelicals—this, despite rising persecution from Hindu nationalists. In fact, evangelical leaders across India agree that their biggest challenge is not restrictions on religious freedom, but training enough pastors to disciple the surge of new believers from non-Christian backgrounds.

While Christianity previously flourished primarily in South India, today the clear trend is robust growth in the North. For example, in the 1980s, Delhi Bible Institute discipled and sent out 100 students per year to pastor in the North. By the turn of the century, it was sending 1,000. Last year it sent out 7,600 students. Its goal for 2016 is 10,000 . . .


NoPlaceLeft Asheville and Charlotte NC [VIDEO]

The video version of my interview with Daniel Reece.

I’m experimenting with video versions of the Movements podcast. The video versions are especially helpful if you want to watch them in team training. 

Here’s a link to my Vimeo channel where you can subscribe and view past videos.

NoPlaceLeft Documentary

NoPlaceLeft has a documentary courtesy of the amazing Don Waybright and Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

The story of a mega church igniting multiplication movements locally, nationally and globally.

If you follow this blog, a few familiar faces appear.

Here’s my interview with Don Waybright: From mini-mega church to movement.

2016 Readers’ Choice Awards: Finalists Announced

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My book, Pioneering Movements is a finalist in the IVPress Readers’ Choice Awards.

Thanks for your support.

We now need to get out the vote for the shortlist.

129-NoPlaceLeft Asheville and Charlotte NC


I talk to Daniel Reece about NoPlaceLeft in Asheville NC.

During the interview Daniel mentions Mike Shipman’s book, Any 3.



Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels also on sale (Kindle)

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (2nd ed).

Dictionary of Paul and His Letters

A great deal on a great resource for research on the Biblical basis for movements.

But be warned, it is a dictionary.

Following and Fishing: UK Training 2017 UPDATED

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UK Training Dates 2017:

For the latest on training around the UK contact .

UPDATE: The details for Basildon, Essex.