'In this highly accessible book, my old comrade Steve articulates something of the genius of Jesus’ apostolic ministry in founding the movement that claimed his name. Jesus is the prototypal missionary. Therefore not only is his life worthy of moral and spiritual emulation, but his methodology is as well.' 
– Alan Hirsch 
author of The Permanent Revolution
Jesus connects with the lost, shares the gospel, trains disciples, gathers them in communities, and multiples them to go out and do the same. Steve’s insight into this process is clear and communicable. This book will challenge you to think more like a movement and less like an institution.
– Ed Stetzer
LifeWay Research
Addison seamlessly intertwines the biblical narrative with examples of how today’s disciples of Christ are seeing the same miraculous activity of God. If you want to be a part of that movement that Jesus launched, you’ll want to draw deeply from What Jesus Started.
– David Garrison 
author of Church Planting Movements
'Addison identifies the patterns of movement leadership shared by both Jesus and Paul in the New Testament with helpful examples of what God is doing around the world today.'
– Neil Cole 
author of Organic Church
Addison draws on biblical insights and illustrates them with modern case studies to challenge existing paradigms to return to the New Testament ethos. Fortunately, Addison does more than challenge paradigms; he offers a practical guide to begin implementing this in your community.
– Steve Smith 
author of T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution

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