Podcasts 6-151-200

185-The Rise and Fall of Movements and the Local Church

Steve Addison talks about his new book, The Rise and Fall of Movements, with Dale Stephenson. Dale is the senior pastor of Crossway in Melbourne, Australia.

The Rise and Fall of Movements: A Roadmap for Leaders is due for release in May 2019.

184-How to Raise Your Support

Myles Wilson talks about raising a support team for your ministry.

Visit Myles’s website for more. Thanks to our partners at Accelerate for making the interview available.

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182-NoPlaceLeft Behind Bars

Don Waybright describes how a Texas megachurch is fueling disciple making movements in prisons and around the world.

A previous interview with Don Waybright, missions pastor at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Don recommends Steve Smith’s book Spirit Walk:


181-Praxeis - Making Disciples that Multiply

Dave Lawton talks about Praxeis, a mission agency pursuing disciple making movements around the world.

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