Movement Principles

51% empty or 49% full?


Researchers asked 1094 Australians who do not regard themselves as Christians:

How open are you to changing your religious worldview?

A majority of 51% are not open at all.

49 percent Aussies open.jpg

So you can agonize over how to change the 51% who are resistant, or you can change your perspective and ask,

How do we connect with the 49% who are at least partially open?

An even better question is,

How do we connect with the 17% who are extremely, significantly or somewhat open?

Are we washing our hands of the 51%? No way. We're just following the example of Jesus and the early church by looking for receptive people who become the bridges to reaching less responsive people in their world.

What is the most compelling reason for someone in the 51% coming to Christ? The witness of a friend or family member from the 49% who has been recently converted.

Ask my dad, he was a 51 percenter.

026-Movements and Money

 Simon Pillar

Simon Pillar

A while ago I heard this short talk by Simon Pillar on the link between generosity and the spread of the gospel.

The Gospels and Acts identify many people who used their wealth for the advance of the Christian movement.

It's a bootleg recording from the Arrow graduation dinner so the quality is less than perfect.