2. Connect with People

Connect with people

Most days Jesus woke in the morning in one of the hundreds of towns and villages he visited, stepped outside the door of wherever he was staying and wondered, Who has the Father prepared for me to meet today?


Jesus didn’t wait for people to find him. He went looking for them. The rich and the poor, military officers and thieves, theologians and corrupt officials, wedding guests and beggars. Thousands by the lake of Galilee, a lone woman by a well in Samaria. Jesus connected with people and most of them he was meeting for the first time.


As he connected he was looking for faith—for people who were were responsive to his message and ready to share the good news with their relational world. Zacchaeus, the woman at the well, the demoniac, all became the first missionaries their communities.


This is what Jesus taught his disciples to do when they entered an unreached town—look for the person who welcomes you into their home, They are the key to reaching the whole community.


How do find these people and households of peace (Luke 10). You have to connect and as soon as you can pray for a need, share your story, share a story from the Gospels. Find people who want to learn more. Begin a discovery bible study in their world, with their friends.

Want to learn more? Read the book. Download the Implementation Guide. Go find your person of peace.