What if Jesus refused to baptize you?

If you were getting baptized two thousand years ago you'd probably have wanted Jesus to do it. And he probably would have refused.

Early on in his ministry Jesus was making and baptizing even more disciples than his cousin, John the Baptist. As a result opposition in Judea grew, so Jesus headed north to Galilee. In an aside the writer tells us that Jesus didn't baptize, he gave that responsibility to his disciples (John 4:1-3).

He probably baptized his first few disciples but quickly got them baptizing others. Why? Here's one reason according to John Calvin,

He calls Christ's Baptism that which He administered by the hands of others, to teach us that Baptism is not to be valued from the person or the minister, but that its whole force depends on its author, in whose name and by whose command it is administered ... our Baptism has no less efficacy to cleanse and renew us than if it had been given directly by the Son of God

John Calvin quoted in Leon Morris, The Gospel According to John, 252.

Jesus was making the point that it doesn't matter who baptizes you. Any follower of Christ can baptize. What matters is that it's in his name. Baptism doesn't depend on the person who baptizes, but on Christ.

That's why in the New Testament, every disciple is called to make disciples, to baptize them and teach them to obey Christ's commands (Matt 28:18-20).