Sugar Creek Baptist Church

182-NoPlaceLeft Behind Bars

Don Waybright describes how a Texas megachurch is fueling disciple making movements in prisons and around the world.

A previous interview with Don Waybright, missions pastor at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Don recommends Steve Smith’s book Spirit Walk:


NoPlaceLeft Documentary

NoPlaceLeft has a documentary courtesy of the amazing Don Waybright and Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

The story of a mega church igniting multiplication movements locally, nationally and globally.

If you follow this blog, a few familiar faces appear.

Here’s my interview with Don Waybright: From mini-mega church to movement.

072-Church to movement: Don Waybright

Don Waybright

Don Waybright

In this episode, Don Waybright shares how Sugar Creek Baptist (Houston) has become a catalyst for multiplying disciples and churches. Their reach extends from their backyard to to the ends of the earth.

Visit noplaceleft to access the resources and training Don refers to.

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