Steve Ogne

Yoda speaks on Multiplication Movements

 Images Steve-Ogne-PhotoWe all need Yodas in our life. One of mine is Steve Ogne. As a novice coach Steve taught me to listen and let the church planter wrestle with the issue. Back in the nineties cost me $50 an hour in phone calls to the US and worth every cent.

I still do too much telling as a coach, but thanks to Steve at least I feel guilty about it.

Dave DeVries has been listening to Steve talk about church planting movements over lunch. Here's Dave's report:

In a lunch conversation with my friend Steve Ogne a few weeks ago, he shared three observations about Multiplication Movements after his trip to India.

#1 - Value the function of the apostle. (Ephesians 4:11) Train those who are gifted apostles with the same intensity we train pastor-teachers. Train how to lead and multiply.

#2 - Value multiplication at all costs. When a church is started and it gets going, the church planter is expected to go start another church. The idea of a long-term pastorate is lazy and self-centered. Bigness is not a big deal. If you grow a big church the key question is: “Why haven't you started another church yet?”

#3 - Faith is valued and taught - not knowledge. In the United States, Christianity is knowledge driven; in India they are faith-driven. The mindset is completely different.

Here's Steve's forthcoming book on coaching missional leaders.

“TransforMissional Coaching: Empowering Missional Leaders in a Changing Ministry World” (Steve Ogne, Tim Roehl, Ed Stetzer)