Rise and Fall of Movements

Unboxing The Rise and Fall of Movements

My first copies of The Rise and Fall of Movements have arrived. The culmination of 28 years of learning.

Here in Prague with a room full of practitioners learning about best practice in multiplying disciples and churches across Europe. A great way to celebrate.

Available on Amazon (print and kindle). It should be available through other retailers or will be soon.

The Rise and Fall Tour

Rise and Fall UK Tour Promo.png

May 9-10: Manchester

Luther King House
Brighton Grove
M14 5JG

May 11: Leicester

Holy Trinity Church
2 Upper King Street 
LE1 6XE 

May 15: London

The Angel ChurchMount
Zion Hall Islington

May 18: Essex

Community Church
Defoe Parade
Chadwell St. Mary
RM16 4QR

June 6: Berlin

Schivelbeiner Str. 7
10439 Berlin

October: USA

November: South Africa

The United Methodist Church: Is there Hope for Declining Denominations?



Conflict in the United Methodist Church last week reminds us that all over the Western world, denominations that were once dynamic movements are in decline. Some have been on the slide for generations.

Demographic trends, secularism, prosperity, cultural shifts — they all play their part. Yet the answer is to blame external factors. The issue is much closer to home.

The great mistake that movements make is to lose touch with who they are.

Every living thing needs to adapt to its environment or it will die. As it does so, it continually refers back to its unique identity. It changes and it stays the same.

How do the United Methodists do that? It’s as simple as asking what did John Wesley do? What did Francis Asbury do? What does that look like today?

Know who you are. That’s the conservative side of renewal. Express that Identity in a fresh and innovative way. That’s the radical side of renewal.

Think about the movement pioneer who inspired Wesley and Asbury. What was his Identity? Between his life as Jesus of Nazareth, and the launch of his missionary movement, stand two events — Jesus’ baptism and wilderness testing. They reveal and test the Identity of Jesus and by implication, the movement he will found. Three essentials stand out:

1. He obeys his Father’s living Word.

When the Father speaks to the Son, he echoes the words of Scripture. When Jesus confronts Satan, his only weapon is to quote the written Word of God — “It is written!”

2. He is dependent on the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit comes upon him at his baptism, the Spirit drives him into the wilderness, the Spirit returns him to Galilee in power to launch the movement.

3. Jesus is faithful to his Mission.

He will give his life as a ransom for many and starts a movement that will go to the ends of the earth multiplying disciples and churches.

These are the three essentials that drive the rise and fall of movements. A church that is willing to obey God’s Word, depend on his Spirit and pursue multiplying disciples and churches throughout the world will be renewed. It must, because God is faithful and he is our only hope.