Pioneering Movements

141-Multiplying Movement Pioneers — Nathan Shank

Nathan Shank beams in from Nepal to answer questions at the One Mission Society (OMS) training for movement catalysts.

For background material on the Five Levels of Movement Leadership see Pioneering Movements.

Notes: 5 Levels of Movement Leadership by Nathan Shank.

This is an edited podcast of the video version.

Churches mobilizing millenials for movements

Launching A Missionary Training School | Pastor John Lo from CoopersOnAMission

John Lo talks to Troy Cooper about how Epicentre Church launched their missionary training school for movement pioneers.

The vision is to mobilise one in ten of their congregation to the nations. Great insights on forming character in leaders.

Joining the call are pastors and catalytic leaders from across North America. 

Steve talks to everybody about Pioneering Movements


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