On the road with Paul

By the time Alexander had conquered from Greece to India he had traveled around 32,000 kms or 20,000 miles. Most of it on horseback.Alexander's Empire.jpg

The apostle Paul didn't quite match Alexander but by the end of his ministry he had traveled around 25,000 kms or 15,000 miles. I doubt he had a horse.

Here's Schnabel's reckoning of Paul's travels.

Paul's travels - Schnabel.jpg

Now I'm happy with the idea that nobody is writing scripture any more. But I wonder, who's doing what Paul did today? What paradigm of leadership do we have for someone who does what Paul did. He is continually on the move, entering new fields, sharing the gospel, making disciples and multiplying churches. Then he moves on and returns either personally or via a team member or letter, to strengthen the churches—not run them.

Does Paul's ministry fit our definition of "incarnational?"