148-Haiti Update from Jacob and Jephte

Haiti is known for slavery, poverty, political unrest and earthquakes. But today Jacob Via and Jephte report how the dynamic Word of God is growing, spreading and multliplying across this island nation. Haitians are turning and believing. New disicples are forming churches. And the work is being done by Haitians. Even more, the catch-cry is "Haitians to the nations" as the Haitians send out workers to far away places.

UPDATE: My previous interview with Jacob.

Troy Cooper Models the 411

Four questions, one piece of paper, one hour. That's all you need. Troy models how you take a new or existing believer through the 411.

Then he breaks up the training into bite sized pieces so you can learn to train others.

Don't show the videos. Learn it and you teach it. If you can't do it, you don't know it.

How to get a team ready to train in the 411.

Russell's 30 Days in the Harvest

Russell and local team members

Russell and local team members

One of the stories from Russell Godward's 30 Days in the Harvest:

It was a warm Friday afternoon and Simon and I were in town connecting with people.

Terry walked across the road towards us. He was six foot five, very muscular in his gym vest and tattooed. There was every reason to shrink back, but we were learning that Jesus has given us all authority to go and speak in His name and that people everywhere are ready to hear.

We said hello and introduced ourselves. Terry shook our hands and immediately we had a rapport. We told him we were in town offering to pray for people and asked if we could pray for him. He smiled and said "this is a sign" before going on to say "I'll take everything you guys are offering".   

When we asked what we could pray for, he began to share a little of his story with us. Terry had just come out of prison following a 15-year stretch. He was 50 now but had made some serious mistakes when he was younger. Now he was staying at his girlfriend's house, away from his old neighbourhood in East London, and keeping out of people's way. Today was the first time he had walked into town, and then only to get a can of soft drink and head straight home. We were the first people he had met in this town. This was a sign!

We stood there outside the pub, on the main street and prayed together. We then went on to share the gospel with Terry.

When I asked him if there was anything stopping him turning & believing on Jesus, receiving forgiveness of sin, and learning to follow Him in obedience he said, "No, there's nothing stopping me".  

Terry turned his life over to Jesus that afternoon.

Russell's report on his 30 Days.

Another day in Haiti

Who is that guy on the left?

Who is that guy on the left?

Jacob Via reports in:

This morning we woke up to a domestic dispute that turned into a fight in the street.

It's a long story: Guy and girl have baby together. Girl is angry jealous over guy's ex. Guy hits girl. Girl's dad comes at guy with a bat. The whole neighborhood watching. It was a mess.

We were able to calm them down enough for a healthy conversation in our home. Two hours later, it ended with guy and girl both giving their lives to Jesus and dad forgiving (and hugging) his future son-in-law! Only the Spirit of God can do that! The neighbors couldn't believe what had happened.

The gospel still transforms lives, families, and communities!