No Place Left

144-Thirty Days in the Harvest with Kevin Maxwell

Kevin Maxwell launched his ministry in Hypoluxo, Florida by spending 30 Days in the Harvest. He not only found people of peace, he also found his team in the harvest.

Read Kevin's reflections on his 30 Days in the Harvest.

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094-Paul's No Place Left Vision: Nathan Shank

Nathan Shank explains what Paul meant when he said, “Now . . . there is no more place for me to work in these regions” (Rom 15:23). Nathan unpacks how Paul could say that his job was finished across the eastern half of the Roman Empire.

How can we cast vision, and trust God, for "no place left"?

092-Pioneering Movements in the West (2) Jeff Sundell

Jeff Sundell

Jeff Sundell

Jeff Sundell on Pioneering Movements in a Western setting. This is the second of a two-part update he gave via Skype to the NoPlaceLeft conference in Sydney.

Jeff's two previous updates: