Movements Podcast

The Movements Podcast needs your prayer

I've been amazed at the impact of the Movements Podcast around the world. Every episode get's over 1,000 downloads.

But since we launched the new site we've had problems with the iTunes feed so people can't subscribe or get updates. So far, no on can find a solution.

We've had high-level support from our SquareSpace host and from the iTunes people. But you know you're in trouble when both sides tell you they can't work it out, so talk to the other side.

So I'm asking people to pray for a breakthrough and for God's blessing on the podcast. Pray for Darren Ngui who is working on the problem.

The interviews with practitioners, the stories, the lessons, need to get out to workers around the world.

Meanwhile you can still listen to and download the podcasts on this site.