Wandering down Narborough Road with Carl

Carl and Steve down Narborough Road

Carl and Steve down Narborough Road

Stepped out today with Carl Robinson and wandered down Narborough Road, Leicester. It's Britain's most diverse high street. Shopkeepers from 23 different nations.

We offered prayer to the people we met. Eight out of ten said yes to prayer. Four of the eight wanted to know how they could be near to God. We shared the 3Circles. Two of the eight want to meet up again with Carl and find out more.

God went before us. We met God-prepared people facing real life challenges. We got to pray for people and talk about Jesus.

Then we sat down to seriously good Indian food.

After almost three years in the UK it's my guesstimate that 1 in 20 people are just waiting for someone to tell them about Jesus. That's over 3 million people.

You might wonder, what about the other 60 million who aren't ready? The key to reaching them is the 3 million who are.

No more excuses for the gospel not working in Britain. The problem is we're not obeying what Jesus commanded us to do.

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