My favourite Steve Jobs moment

I bought my first computer twenty one years ago. It as a Mac SE. I carried it all the way back from California to Australia via England in a shoulder bag.

It wasn't portable, just transportable.

I've been a Mac fan ever since. I can also admin to being a Steve Jobs fan.

This is my favourite Steve Jobs moment: his Commencement speech at the Stanford University in 2005. One of the best speeches I have ever heard.

He talks about the day he first discovered he had pancreatic cancer. His comments on death are profound.

His passing is a reminder that death comes to us all. For some it comes far too early.

Success and fame, the best medical treatment money can buy, cannot overturn that reality.

My daughter says, "Don't be so morbid dad!" But death is our enemy. We stand powerless before it.

Unless . . .