The Hispanic future of America

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One American in six is now Hispanic, up from a small minority two generations ago. By mid-century it will be more than one in four.

Hispanics are transforming the definition of what it means to be a mainstream American. During the roughly 200 years from the presidency of George Washington to that of Ronald Reagan, whites of European descent consistently made up 80-90% of America’s population. By the time of the 2010 census, the proportion of non-Hispanic whites (for simplicity’s sake called whites hereafter) was down to 64%. Some time around 2044 it is projected to fall to less than half.

David Rennie, The Economist

Let’s take a look at past and the forward predictions and see just how much America’s future is Hispanic.

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Based on effectiveness in reaching Hispanics, this is good news for the Pentecostals and Catholics. It’s bad news for the liberal Protestants and Southern Baptists.

UPDATE: ABC radio reports on Hispanics in America.