Don Waybright

When God Shows Up During an Interview

Don Waybright, Michelle Addison

Don Waybright, Michelle Addison

Sometimes I am unraveled by my own interviews. I sit there amazed at the goodness of God. How he works through ordinary people to extraordinary things. I’m stunned.

I can’t stop thinking about my interview with Don Waybright. I was riveted by the story of Iesus (Jesus), eighteen years in maximum security, solitary confinement, freed by the gospel and learning to follow Jesus. The Mexican gang members turning and believing, risking retaliation for leaving their gang and being baptized. The women in Mumbai, freed from prostitution and walking with Christ.

If you listened to the podcast, but didn't watch the video, fast forward it to the last few minutes and watch Don as he baptizes Iesus who is shackled hand and foot.

Isn’t this what we signed up for?

This discipleship movement is spreading behind bars, it’s spreading among prostitutes in Mumbai, is spreading in some of the darkest places in Houston.

Don Waybright won’t mind me saying he’s just an ordinary guy. He’s been on this journey for almost twenty years. He has an extraordinary ability to take other people with him. His church is on board, they’ve trained 1,600 of their people in the basics of connecting, sharing and discipling. A few years ago Don brought a team from his church for a week of mission on the streets and in the neighborhoods of Mosside, Manchester in the north of England. Mosside is a tough neighborhood. Michelle and I were there. That’s Don and Michelle in the photo above.

Don is the missions pastor of a church of over four thousand. You wouldn’t expect the senior pastor, Mark Hartman, to have time for a week of mission in Mosside. He’d send Don and the team and cheer from back home. But Mark was there, out on the streets sharing the gospel, living what he teaches. Sugar Creek is a “both/and church”. They love being a church of thousands and they love multiplying disciples and churches anywhere they can.

I get tired of having “missional conversations”. It’s all too abstract for me. I want to hear stories of people set free by the gospel and the life of Christ in them. This a work of God. It’s the fruit of surrendering to his living Word, depending on his Holy Spirit and focusing on the core missionary task of making disciples.

That’s what I signed up for.

If this story has moved you, what will you do next? I’m if we asked Don he’d say,

  1. Get some training

  2. Get started

  3. Don’t go alone

Interview with Don Waybright: NoPlaceLeft Behind Bars

182-NoPlaceLeft Behind Bars

Don Waybright describes how a Texas megachurch is fueling disciple making movements in prisons and around the world.

A previous interview with Don Waybright, missions pastor at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Don recommends Steve Smith’s book Spirit Walk:


Don Waybright baptises Jesus in prison

Don is the brother without the handcuffs

Don is the brother without the handcuffs

This just came in from Don Waybright,

At Darrington Maximum Security prison we are witnessing a powerful movement of God. We just baptized 17 prisoners on AD-Seg (Solitary Confinement).

I had the joy to baptise Jesus [the prisoner's name] who has been on AD-Seg (Solitary Confinement) for 18 years...23 hours a day in this darkness inside of darkness...Jesus might still be in chains, and living in this dark 12' x4' cell, but the Light has set him free..."

The Spirit of the Lord is on Me, because He has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim freedom to the captives..." 

Jesus remained in handcuffs the whole time.

Don is another one of my "experts" on movements. If you want to learn about movements, keep gravitating towards people with fresh stories to tell.

Then bother them until they agree to train you.

NoPlaceLeft Documentary

NoPlaceLeft has a documentary courtesy of the amazing Don Waybright and Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

The story of a mega church igniting multiplication movements locally, nationally and globally.

If you follow this blog, a few familiar faces appear.

Here’s my interview with Don Waybright: From mini-mega church to movement.

072-Church to movement: Don Waybright

Don Waybright

Don Waybright

In this episode, Don Waybright shares how Sugar Creek Baptist (Houston) has become a catalyst for multiplying disciples and churches. Their reach extends from their backyard to to the ends of the earth.

Visit noplaceleft to access the resources and training Don refers to.

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