David Milne

How to make training work

Dave Milne

Dave Milne

We train a lot of people to get them started in connecting, sharing, making disciples. Then we look for those who persist in the basics. David Milne (above) has done the research on the factors that influence whether a person follows through.

Here are the five keys:

  1. Teams: Everyone who persisted was part of a team.
  2. Convictions: They were motivated by inner convictions that compelled them to share the gospel.
  3. Experiences: They saw God at work β€” people coming to faith, or the experience of the Holy Spirit in sharing.
  4. Prayer: They had regular prayer partners.
  5. Ongoing Training: There was ongoing training, coaching and peer support.

So it’s not enough to run a good training event. You’ve got to help people build in support structures and patterns that sustain obedience to the Great Commission.

UPDATE: Research Summary