Daniel Wallace

The Great Commission or the Great Suggestion?

Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace

Yes, a little bit of Greek is a dangerous thing. But here’s a lesson in the meaning of the Great Commission from someone who has a lot of Greek. 

Daniel Wallace (above) makes it clear that the Great Commission is not, “as you are going,” but “Go!” 

Here are some other examples in Matthew that parallel the grammar in Matt 28:19:

  • Matt 2.8: “Go and look carefully for the child.”
  • Matt 9.13: “Go and learn what this means.”
  • Matt 11.4: “Go and tell John what you hear and see.”
  • Matt 17.27: “Go to the lake and throw out a hook”
  • Matt 28.7: “Go quickly and tell his disciples”
  • Matt 28.19: “Go and make disciples”

Wallace points out that,

Peter could not throw a hook in the lake until he went to the lake (Matt 17.27); the women could not tell Jesus’ disciples that he had been raised from the dead until they went (Matt 28.7).

We can’t make disciples without going.

via reader Brian