Chinese students

Leave China, Study in America, Find Jesus

More than 304,000 Chinese studied in American colleges and universities in 2015 alone. Foreign Policy magazine reports, many are coming to faith in Christ.

Ariane Brotto, a Brazilian doctoral student at Columbia University, preaches to Chinese students despite not speaking a word of Mandarin. It started in 2012, when a young Chinese man in her laboratory kept asking her why she seemed happier than her stressed-out peers. One afternoon, Brotto stopped him in the hallway of her laboratory building and handed him a Chinese-language Bible. After an hour, she asked the man what he thought. He responded, “I want to start a relationship with God.” Brotto thought he hadn’t understood her English correctly. But he insisted that he wanted to start praying.

We’ve seen the same thing happen in Australia and here in the UK. The great news is that ministries are engaging Chinese students. What’s missing is a strategy to send the new believers back to China as disciple makers and church planters.