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Seven years on — remembering to give thanks

CoNext 2008

CoNext 2008

Seven years ago I was done for. I’d lost a long battle with depression. I had nothing left.

I also had an around the world ticket and commitments.

Surprisingly my psychiatrist challenged me to go. It was three months since the big crash, this may be an opportunity to take a tentative step back into life.

So I took a risk, faced my fears, and flew out of Melbourne.

One of the commitments was to meet with CoNext, a partnership of mission leaders from around the world, led by Sam Metcalf.

I told them the truth. I told them I wasn’t sure I’d be back in twelve month’s time. Those guys were an amazing support.

My psychiatrist was right. That trip was the last paragraph of a dark chapter, for which I will always be grateful.

I’m in the Middle East this week for another CoNext gathering. CoNext is my annual reminder of God’s faithfulness when I was at my worst. Stone by stone he rebuilt my life, and he gave me back everything I thought I had lost — and more. Much much more.

My greatest defeat has become my greatest victory. That’s why every year at CoNext, I give thanks.