From fortune-telling to faith in Christ. All over the world Gypsies are turning to Christ.

All around the world Gypsies, also known as Travellers or Romani, are turning to Christ. The BBC reports:

At a time when large numbers of people are drifting away from formal religion, one church is bucking the trend. Huge numbers of Gypsies and travellers in England now say they've joined a new movement called Light and Life. Those who join have given up drinking alcohol and fortune-telling, and many have even abandoned their traditional Catholic faith.

The Pentecostal movement, which is Gypsy-led, has grown rapidly in the past 30 years - it says up to 40% of British Gypsies belong to it. There's no way to prove that claim, but most Gypsies and travellers will agree that there is a surge in people joining.

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BBC — Is it time that marriage laws recognise polyamory?

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When God removes his restraining hand from a society anything is possible. According to the BBC the future of love is polyamory—group marriage.

Read the article. It makes so much sense and the extensive research backs it up.

Meanwhile if your authority is Scripture rather than the BBC, you may like to read Kevin DeYong’s What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?

As Kevin makes clear, this is serious. It’s one thing for the culture to go this way, it’s another for God’s people to follow rather than lead.

Dynamic movements do not compromise core beliefs on the altar of social acceptance.