Getting ready for Tasmania

Michelle and I are training in Launceston, Tasmania on the weekend. It's our first training since returning to Australia. 

We'll be at the Tailrace Community Church where we first trained five years ago. Over one hundred people are registered from around the city and the state.

It's months since I last did a formal training, so I'm rusty. Here's how I've been preparing with a little help from a friend.

1. The 411

My first priority was to watch Troy Cooper's 411 video. I didn't just watch it, I stopped the video and practiced each of the exercises.

2. Pre-training Practice

We have a practice planned with the local team the day before. We're equipping them as trainers. So I went over the video on preparing the training team.

3. Luke 10 House of Peace

We're planning to go out into the community over lunch so I went over the House of Peace study.

4. Then there's the video on how to debrief the house of peace search.

5. 3-Thirds Discipleship

Once they're sharing the gospel, people need to know how to do Discovery Bible study with someone who wants to learn more (7-Stories of Hope), or with a new believer (Commands of Christ).

6. 3-Touches of Training

We'll finish with a challenge to commit to 3-Touches of Training. 

Troy Cooper Models the 411

Four questions, one piece of paper, one hour. That's all you need. Troy models how you take a new or existing believer through the 411.

Then he breaks up the training into bite sized pieces so you can learn to train others.

Don't show the videos. Learn it and you teach it. If you can't do it, you don't know it.

How to get a team ready to train in the 411.

From gospel to discipleship

Troy Cooper and Russell Godward model how to lead someone to Christ using the 3Circles and begin discipleship.

Download the 411 notes Troy uses.

411 Training with Troy, Josh and Puck

Troy Cooper trains Josh and Puck in 411.

411 answers  4 questions in 1 hour on 1 piece of paper:

  1. WHY make disciples? – Identity (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)
  2. WHO to share with? – Oikos map (John 17:20; 2 Tim 2:2)
  3. WHAT to say? – Your 15-sec Story + 3 Circles + Follow Up
  4. WHEN to obey? – Controllable Goals (Matt 7:24-26)

[ed. Should that be “WHO to share with" or  “with WHOM to share”? I know Troy is a stickler for grammar.]

Follow along with Troy’s 411 presentation slides.

Download the 411 Training App by Greg Rohler: Android or Apple