3Circles in 3 minutes

Look what some Aussies have been up to.

I noticed a few movement characteristics:

  • white-hot faith: it takes courage to go into the harvest. As they did, they saw God at work.
  • commitment to the cause: they were clear and upfront about the gospel, and found people who wanted to know more.
  • contagious relationships: they weren't waiting for people to come to them, they went to where the people were. What they shared could be easily passed on to others.
  • rapid mobilization: notice everyone, even children, were getting in on the act.
  • adaptive methods: whatever age you are you can learn to share the 3Circles.

3Circles Made Simple UPDATED II

3Circles - Mike Albutt.jpg

I like the way Andrew Clements does the 3Circles gospel presentation. Mike Allbutt has made it even simpler. No written words. I'm waiting for Troy Cooper's version in interpretive dance.

Don't forget to ask the 3Questions (p7).

Principle: in multiplying movements less is more. Don't ask what can you add. Ask what can you take out and still have an accurate presentation of the gospel that is contagious.

UPDATE: Mike Allbutt has let me know that the 3Circles drawing came from our friends at  oralitybible.com

I've fixed the link to the 3Questions.

UPDATE II: Ray from New Zealand has written out the text of Andrew's presentation.

The fault dear Brutus...

Don Hayward shares the 3Circles

Don Hayward shares the 3Circles


"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)

Out on mission this week in Manchester UK. Seven teams of two — British, Americans and Australians in partnership with Ivy Church.

Day One: 56 people received prayer, 48 people heard the gospel (3Circles), 11 yellow lights (I want to learn more), 4 green lights (turned and believed).

Which brings me to the Shakespeare quote—why do we blame the stars? Wherever I go in England people tell me it’s hard here. The British don’t want to hear the gospel. They aren’t interested in faith. Sharing the gospel won’t work. Let’s go softly softly and slow.

Yet everywhere we go we find people whom God has prepared.

It’s hard work, but they are out there. The problem is not in our stars but in ourselves. We’re not convinced that God himself is at work whenever we step out and share the gospel.