Stay on Target. A reminder to myself.

I turned 60 last year. There are many new joys in this stage of living. Chief among them are grandchildren.

There are also new griefs. Chief among them is to see once faithful and true disciples, many of them leaders, wander from the gospel and the mission Christ entrusted to us.

It's just as much a spiritual, moral battle as it is theological. It's a battle we don't talk about. Yet the casualty rate is high and the price we pay is dear.

I don't want to spend my life correcting error. Yes, Jesus corrected error. The apostles did the same. But this did not dominate their ministry. For some, it does. Yet they are not putting the gospel to work in the world where it belongs.

So what can we do in a positive way to remain true to the cause?

We study the word continually, applying to our lives and mission. We devour the word together, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we obey. As we learn the obedience of faith, we become who we are in Christ.