4Fields Intensive Down Under: REGISTER NOW

Rachel and Troy Cooper, Russell Godward

Rachel and Troy Cooper, Russell Godward

The 4Fields Intensive equips participants with Biblical principles and best practice methods to multiply disciples and churches.

The 4Fields of Kingdom Growth answers these questions:

  1. Entry: How do I enter a new field?

  2. Gospel: What do I say?

  3. Discipleship: How do I make disciples?

  4. Church: How will I form healthy churches?

  5. Leaders: How do I multiply leaders?

This Intensive is designed for local church workers, church planters and team members, cross-cultural workers and movement catalysts.

Participants will experience training that involves instruction, Bible discovery and practice in an interactive learning community. Participants will leave with a clear vision and plan for reaching their community, city, and beyond.

The training team includes Rachel and Troy Cooper (USA), Russell Godward (UK) and Steve and Michelle Addison (Australia).

Complete the attached pre-work. If you don’t finish, don’t let it stop you from coming—but if you are not willing to do this prep work, this training is not for you.

Following & Fishing in Australia

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One of our team just trained the staff of a local church in sharing the gospel and making disciples.

In the room was a woman with thirty years experience of missionary and local church leadership. In all that time, she had never led anyone to Christ. That afternoon she shared the gospel and led someone to Christ. 

That's what happens when we train people who haven't given up on Christ's call to follow him, and his promise to teach them how to fish for people (Mark 1:17).

Michelle and I are back in Australia training and mobilizing God's people to share the gospel and make disciples.

If you want to attend or host a training, we'd like to hear from you.


Pursuing Spirit-powered Movements with Steve Smith

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A key for movements is God-empowerment through the Holy Spirit. It is the foundation which allows believers to faithfully and fruitfully obey God. New Testament disciples well understood this ancient path, which has largely been forgotten by our generation.

In his recently released book, Spirit Walk, Steve Smith takes a practical look at what the Bible has to say about living and working out of the fullness of God — whether for personal life transformation or fruitfulness in ministry.

During this live and interactive webinar, Steve will discuss how to move beyond methods and principles to true empowerment by the Spirit with examples from movements around the world.


Getting ready for Tasmania

Michelle and I are training in Launceston, Tasmania on the weekend. It's our first training since returning to Australia. 

We'll be at the Tailrace Community Church where we first trained five years ago. Over one hundred people are registered from around the city and the state.

It's months since I last did a formal training, so I'm rusty. Here's how I've been preparing with a little help from a friend.

1. The 411

My first priority was to watch Troy Cooper's 411 video. I didn't just watch it, I stopped the video and practiced each of the exercises.

2. Pre-training Practice

We have a practice planned with the local team the day before. We're equipping them as trainers. So I went over the video on preparing the training team.

3. Luke 10 House of Peace

We're planning to go out into the community over lunch so I went over the House of Peace study.

4. Then there's the video on how to debrief the house of peace search.

5. 3-Thirds Discipleship

Once they're sharing the gospel, people need to know how to do Discovery Bible study with someone who wants to learn more (7-Stories of Hope), or with a new believer (Commands of Christ).

6. 3-Touches of Training

We'll finish with a challenge to commit to 3-Touches of Training.