Just doing his job

I never get tired of hearing stories like this. From a friend’s newsletter: 

About six weeks ago I decided to go to a city across the border for the day to see who I could find to share the gospel with. During the morning I walked around an area not far from the train station and had a couple of conversations with people but no one seemed to be interested to talk much about Jesus. Praying I said to God, "there must be someone here who wants to know you!" Very quickly after this I had a thought that I needed to go to the university district. So I caught a taxi to the university. 

About two mins went by and a lady approached me and asked if I was looking for someone or somewhere in particular? I said to her that I was looking for a KFC or McD's to meet people as I was looking for anyone who was interested to talk about God and the Bible. Then I asked her if this was something she was interested in? She stood there looking at me for a moment then began telling me that herself, her husband and their two children had just been living in America where they used to take their daughter to Awana Club at a Baptist church every Friday evening. She told me they loved the atmosphere and the people but didn't really know a lot about Jesus. She then said something quite astounding.

She said, "We want to know Jesus but we don't know what to do!"

To cut a long story short I arranged a time to return to the university two weeks later where the lady and her husband  listened to the gospel message and then gladly received Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior.

Please pray for the family as they begin following Jesus. I have been back three times now to go through some discipleship lessons with them.

 He knows how to find a God-prepared person, he knows how to share the gospel, he knows how to disciple new believers and help them form church. He’s doing his job.