The underbelly of a movement


The controversial founder of one of Europe's largest Protestant churches is battling some in his church leadership over his reaction to multiple affairs.

Why do so many high profile leaders fall. Perhaps they are no more vulnerable than your average church leader, we’re just more likely to hear about their failures. No stream of the Christian movement is immune. I’m old enough and well enough connected to know of a host of tragic examples.

Leadership failure is a major threat to every multiplying movement of disciples and churches.

Money, sex and power are crouching at your door; they desire to have you, but you must rule over them (adapted from Gen 4:7).

Here’s DA Carson’s take on why the “Young Restless and Reformed” movement sailed into rough waters a few years ago. The lessons are transferable.

Who knows your struggles? Who holds you accountable? Who are you watching out for?

Download: The underbelly of revival - DA Carson